Seamless Sitecore Content Migration

If you’re rebuilding your site in Sitecore, chances are you are looking at a content migration at some point in the near future. CMS content migration can turn into a quagmire, but it doesn’t have to go that way.  The sooner you start planning for it, the better.

You’ll face a lot of questions and challenges during your content migration. This post aims to provide some guidance on common issues, including:

  • Questions to ask and items to define before you begin a migration
  • High-level process for conducting a content audit and deciding whether to migrate or archive content
  • Resources that you’ll need to have involved during the migration effort
  • Identifying if you’ll need a manual migration, an automated one or perhaps, a hybrid approach
  • Important tasks during a migration that are critical for success but often overlooked

While written with Sitecore in mind, and from experiences migrating content into and out of Sitecore, the principles can apply to any CMS content migration.

Check out the full post over on EContentMag.