Keep Sitecore Online When Solr Fails

There have been a few experimental patches made available from Sitecore to improve the support for Solr. One particularly thorny issue is that Sitecore will throw exceptions, thus bringing down your site, if Solr is misconfigured or unavailable. Recently the source for a patch was released on GitHub by Sitecore support that addresses this. It even supports switch on rebuild.

With this patch, Sitecore will poll at a configured interval for a Solr connection. If available, it will initialize the indexes or create your IQueryable objects. Otherwise, it will log an error, and return an empty result set if applicable.

The magic is in the how the patch initializes the index and Queryable objects. Using the StatusMonitor class included with the patch, it checks to see if Solr is available before attempting to use the connection.

void ISearchIndex.Initialize()
  if (this.PreviousConnectionStatus == 

To use this patch, you’ll need to build it against your version of Sitecore. After that, drop in the patch config and follow the example in the provided configs to swap the types on your Solr indexes to the fail-tolerant Solr search indexes.

One disclaimer: This patch will keep your CD servers online if Solr fails, but the Sitecore Admin will not function. So, your authors will not be able to use the back end until the Solr problem is corrected.